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His Knowledge is Nearly Unrivaled

Joel‘s knowledge of the game of basketball is nearly unrivaled. His strength and agility training helps with improving functional movements within the game to help you feel more in control. His basketball skills and training help get you ready for game speed scenarios. And lastly just being around joel asking questions about the game and a willingness to learn will help your basketball IQ increase tremendously. With Joel‘s help I was able to go from a 7th-8th man off the bench to starting 5 my senior year. 
Antonio Lucero (Conifer Varsity 2016, 2017)

His Kinship and Teachings Remain with me

My name is LeAnté Duren and I was the captain and starting forward for the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 2009. After graduating, I played semi-pro for several years. After basketball, I used my degree to enter a lucrative career in the corporate reason. However, I chose to leave my corporate career, because I wanted to do something where I could help people. I am now a Minister in the Pentecostal Church of God, as well as a Detroit firefighter. Throughout my life, I’ve had many people who contributed to me being able to accomplish the things I did throughout my career. None of these people contributed to my skill set as much Joel Lawmann.

I met Joel Lawmann in 2006. Before this, I was a street baller with some natural talent, but lacking in structure. My first college coach at Wayne County Community College (where I met Joel) stated that 1 summer working out under Joel’s tutelage, took my game from me barely making the team, to being a starter by my first college game. Joel taught me what being a top tier athlete was all about. I learned about the many things that would take my game to the next level: (to name a few) running 5 miles a day, strength training 6 days a week, nutritional education, offensive and defensive drills 6 days a week, and implementing all this in pick-up games and eventually practice/games with the team.

The most important thing that I appreciated about working with Joel, on top of him being a great friend and big brother to me, was that he shared my love for Jesus. We had many conversations, trained many kids who became college athletes, did some Godly work, and I believe that we both got closer to God through our friendship.

We now live in different states far away, but his kinship, and teachings (on and off the court), remain with me and add to me to this day.

Thank you.

LeAnté Duren

Also a Phenomenal Strength and Conditioning Coach

During my high school years, I did some individual skill work with Coach Joel outside of practice to hone in some specific skills as well as develop and learn new skills. Together we worked on different offensive skills/moves based on different in game situations. In a session we were able to get up a very high volume of reps and shots. Aside from offensive skills, Joel is also a phenomenal strength and conditioning coach. Working on agility and explosiveness with Joel was certainly challenging but in return helped me to greatly improve my athletic ability. Altogether, Joel has a very expansive knowledge of the game of basketball and is a great teacher. Along with being a great basketball coach, Joel was a mentor to me and now in the present day a close friend. I would absolutely recommend anyone who has the desire to become a better basketball player and a better athlete to work with Coach Joel.

Best One on One coach I have ever had

Coach Joel was the best one on one coach I have ever had. Not only did I grow so much as a basketball player with my skills on the court, but he helped better me as a person as well. Joel was always teaching me about self confidence on and off the court. Joel is a man who will work his hardest no matter what and will give you his all every workout from start to finish and will demand you give him your all back. I have seen what he has done to other teammates over a summer. Joel changed their mindset and turned every player into a player that had love and passion for the sport along with having actual skill.
Seth Sankey (Conifer Varsity 2015, 2016, 2017)

Very Patient Coach

Coach Joel has been a very patient coach and trainer. He coached our college womens travel team in college and he’s a major reason why I made the college division I basketball team in 2002.
Joel encouraged me to have the fearless work ethic & discipline to become the shooter I am and correct my form.
He’s very positive, wise and all around great asset to any team.
V. Shivachi

Progressed Each Day with Law!

My name is Nikola Dodig and I had played for Coach Law for 4 years. Each year progressing better and better each year, each day with him! I had played at Bear Creek High school for 4 years as a freshman played level and swung to JV as coach law says I have been the only person he has seen score 40 points in a JV game, as a sophomore I played and started some games of varsity. I had also played and traveled with Coach Law playing for the club team “The Shining Stars” through out my career of club and high school I had been ranked by ESPN, 8th most recruited basketball in the state of Colorado, being invited to numerous private camps and participating in the all star games of those 100+ great athletes being recruited by a variety of schools ranging from JUCO to D1 schools.

Joel is part of my family…..

Wow, what can I say about Joel. First off Joel came into my life, at what I have now realized, at the perfect time. Both he and I believe that God knew I needed exactly him at that point in time. Our relationship has grown so close he is my family. No matter what is happening in my life I know he has my back. As for basketball I had my first session with him pre-season of my freshman year. I was slow, heavy and flat-footed on my feet, and had trouble making it up and down the court. At that time I was on JV at Highlands Ranch High School. Now I am participating in my junior season. I have worked hard with Joel at my side the whole time, and earned a spot on Varsity. Training with Joel progresses my basketball skills more and more as time progresses. Joel asks for many things being a coach but none that are not appropriate for a serious basketball player. He ask for focus, commitment, hard work, passion, and adversary.

Along with love for the game, the people, the opportunities good or bad, and with all blessing in our life. He constantly speaks about how life will be hard at times but God has a plan and he will be there along the way. I love everything Joel stands for, along with all that he preaches to everyone that allows him. I fully and wholeheartedly believe Joel has found exactly what God intended for him. He will forever be my big brother.

I Love you Joel

Chelsea Groves

Great influence on and off the court!

Joel has been an amazing coach and mentor for my son Carter.  Not only did he completely change his shot and dribbling skills within a few months, he also showed him what a compassionate team player looks like.  I’m so thankful for the influence both on the court and off the court that Joel has on my son.   

Kim King

What a difference a great coach can make….

Our son started playing basketball in kindergarten, competitively in 3rd grade.  Competitively, he always seemed to wind up on the 2nd team with his goal being the 1st team (like a lot of players I am sure who love basketball).  Then 6th grade came along and again Wyatt made the 2nd team.  However, something changed. We were introduced to Joel Lawmann.  He was recruited to be the coach for the Ralston Valley feeder team.  Joel’s coaching was different than anything we have seen.  He had 10 players and put two sets of 5 players together not based on ability.  These two teams stayed the same the entire season.  They switched who started and had equal playing time every single game. Every player had a chance to shine and they did.  Parents were a little concerned at first.  How is this going to work, how are we going to win and my player is better and should be playing more. 

Joel was not about winning he was about team building and building each players confidence.  Sure we lost a few in the beginning and sure he could have mixed up the two sets of five for better players to win but he didn’t.  By the end of season we were winning all of our games, we won a tournament and were one of the top teams in 6th grade.  The players really bonded and and had a great season.  

Joel focused on individual players including our son.  He wanted to work with him on a one-on-one basis to work on his strengths and weaknesses outside of what the players get in practice and games.  Not for a price but because of Joel’s love for the game and love to see kids grow and become great basketball players.  Wyatt has now worked with Joel really hard for 2 seasons (6th and 7th grade) and his dream came true to make the top team.  Now, COVID -19 has put a halt on the team beginning its spring season but hopefully when the season restarts Wyatt can continue with his journey.  We are excited to see the future.  

Joels attention, belief and support for our son has been like nothing before.  I see this with many players he works with.  If they have the drive, he will help them reach their dreams.  

Thanks so much Joel!


Chad and Teri

I owe so much to Joel!

Joel has helped me recreate my game completely, I came to him in 8th grade, a hungry player but not very talented. Joel helped me build a game that could get me noticed for college, he put in endless hours of work in for me, getting 500 shots up a day, putting a weight vest on me, building a driving and an inside game that has helped me become a scoring threat from all over. Joel also helped me build my endurance, my strength, and my speed which completely changed my game. Basketball aside, Joel is also a very standup person. His interest in the people he trains and the respect he has for his players is unique. He incorporates God into basketball, showing the people that he is around that God has a plan for everyone’s life. He even buys kids that are in need shoes and basketballs, even food, which just goes to show how good of a person Joel is. Joel even used to ride a bike to practices and workouts, through terrible weather and cold conditions.  Joel always made sure he would be there for the game he loves and more importantly the kids he loves. I owe so much to Joel, he made me a good basketball player, he helped grow my relationship with God, and made me a much better person. Thank you Joel, and keep doing what you do because it’s a great thing.
Elijah Cook, Conifer High School