G1 God First is a faith-based organization founded by Joel Lawmann, which was created to help shape young athletes to be successful in both sports and in life. Joel, born one of five sons to a preacher, grew up in London, England, emersed in the basketball and soccer culture with his brothers. Joel moved to the states to play basketball for Wayne County, Michigan in 2003-2005 and the Detroit Panthers in 2006. His younger brother, Benjamin, joined him a few years later to play basketball in Michigan. Eventually, Joel moved to Colorado to tryout for Erie Bayhawks and has remained in Colorado ever since.



Joel has coached several basketball teams over his career, including Wayne County Community Men’s & Women’s College (2006), University of Michigan Dearborn Men’s & Women’s College (2007-2008), Bear Creek High School (2011-2012), Conifer High School (2018-2019), and Ralston Valley’s Feeder Team (2018-2019).


  • One-on-ones, partners, and small group sessions for basketball
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Camps upon request.
  • Supplemental practices for teams upon request.
  • Video and/or game analysis.


I have been training with Coach Joel since 4th grade, I am a junior in high school now. Throughout the years he has helped me develop, hone, and build my skills not only in the game of basketball but in life in general. I can confidently say he one of the most reliable, kind, and knowledgeable people I have ever known and is always someone I could look to for guidance, advice and support. He has helped me achieve my dreams of playing high-school varsity basketball at a high level. I am currently leading my team in scoring with aspirations to play at the collegiate level. I believe Coach Joel can help me get there.

– Brandon Bazan-Torres • Junior at Lakewood High School – playing Varsity