At G1 basketball club it is our desire to provide a positive atmosphere and club ball experience for all of our participants. Our foundation is based on Christian principles and ABC lessons on the life and character of Jesus Christ. Through practice, team events and competition we aim to instill characteristics in our youth such as patience, perseverance, faith, humility, kindness, TEAMWORK and most importantly, the ability to treat and LOVE others the way you want to be treated and loved.

Our kids will receive an all round training experience focused on the fundamentals of the game as well as all the components of fitness. We incorporate many training tools such as resistance bands and heavy basketballs to help our young athletes excel in speed, agility, strength and endurance and other components of fitness needed to create a competitive basketball player.

While we will be playing in a highly competitive atmosphere our schedule will differ depending on the ability level of the teams we are able to put together.

Another one of our goals is to see our kids achieve their dreams of playing high school and collegiate ball. Motivation, commitment, passion and repetition are also main values in our core belief system which we believe will help get our kids to the next level.