Over the last 10yrs i have had the privilege of ministering and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ on 16th st mall.God really put it on my heart to minister to the needs and wants of the mixed group of people that frequent the mall everyday.So many miracles have taken place during this time and we will be organizing days where club ball participants who feel led will be given the opportunity to feed and minister to the homeless on the mall.Sometimes all that people want is someone who is willing to spend some time and listen to them.Excited about this opportunity to teach our kids about giving.

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS:We believe there is no better time or season to spread the love and knowledge of JESUS CHRIST.We are not ashamed of his Gospel and cannot deny the transforming power of his love and sacrifice.In a day and age where hate,violence and division seem to be on the rise we believe the best way to combat this is with the LOVE and knowledge of Christ.