Our Testimonials

I have been training with Coach Joel since 4th grade, I am a junior in high school now. Throughout the years he has helped me develop, hone, and build my skills not only in the game of basketball but in life in general. I can confidently say he one of the most reliable, kind, and knowledgeable people I have ever known and is always someone I could look to for guidance, advice and support. He has helped me achieve my dreams of playing high-school varsity basketball at a high level. I am currently leading my team in scoring with aspirations to play at the collegiate level. I believe Coach Joel can help me get there.

Brandon Bazan-Torres | Junior at Lakewood High School – playing Varsity

I met Coach Joel when I was an 11-year-old benchwarmer for my feeder-team, who was unable to make a club team in the off-season. At the time, I could only dribble left and shot with both hands. Sensing my desperation to improve, Coach Joel agreed to help me, knowing he had his work cut out. Coach Joel’s intensity to teach matched my intensity to learn and five years later, the rest is history…

By my freshman year, I made my high-school basketball team and was comfortable playing any position. Currently a sophomore, I am about to begin my JV season and I am still learning new things from Coach Joel every day.
During these years, Joel and I created G1 (God First) Basketball Club – a place for kids to play in local tournaments during the off-season and a platform for Joel to teach kids about basketball and Christ.
Last year, Joel also became a certified personal trainer. With his sport specific knowledge and techniques, Joel helped me to transform my body to maximize my basketball strength and endurance. He also did the same for my brother, Sam, who plays hockey.
More than just a great coach, Joel has also been like a second father to me and a mentor in Christ. He has changed my life in so many positive ways and I will always remain grateful.
Thank you, Coach Joel, for everything!

Charlie Gupta  | Sophomore – Ralston Valley High School

When I first met Joel I wasn’t that good. I could barely dribble between the legs and behind the back, and I airballed a lot of my mid-range shots. I never made the top team in tryouts, always the second team. Two years ago I went to a group practice and met Joel. Afterwards I told my dad, “this is the guy I want to be with for the rest of my life”, and it has been the best decision.

I’ve been working with Joel every week and it’s made me a better player. Also Joel doesn’t just teach basketball, he teaches you about God and believing yourself. Because of him I believe in God more every single day. Joel has worked with so many people from a small age to an old age. Joel coached my 5 on 5 team during the summer and we played almost every weekend – it was the best time of my life. During the start of the school year he also coached a 3 on 3 team and I was on it too. It was a lot more fun than 5 on 5. Joel told me to just drive every time I got the ball. All the work this summer has given me the confidence to do a lot of stuff. All in all Joel is one of the best coaches I have ever seen and he has changed so many people’s lives.

Preston Tyus | 7th Grade – A West Feeder Team

I started working with Joel in fifth grade. Joel has helped me with my ball handling, shooting, game IQ and speed. Joel hasn’t only helped me with basketball, but he has helped me become a better person. We would do Bible studies each training which helped strengthen my faith in God. Joel has helped me with my confidence in and out of games. He takes the time to watch film and give me feedback on what I did good and what I need to work on. Joel puts in the time and makes me feel like he cares about me more than just more than just a client, like family.

Freshman Ralston | Valley – playing Varsity

Joel Wow, what can I say about Joel. First off Joel came into my life, at what I have now realized, at the perfect time. Both he and I believe that God new I needed exactly him at that point in time. Our relationship has grown so close he is my family. No matter what is happening in my life I know he has my back. As for basketball I had my first session with him pre-season of my freshman year. I was slow, heavy, and flat-footed on my feet, and had trouble making it up and down the court. At that time, I was on JV at Highlands Ranch High School. Now I am participating in my junior season. I have worked hard with Joel at my side the whole time, and earned a spot of Varsity. Training with Joel progresses my basketball skills more and more as time progresses. Joel asks for many things being a coach but none that are not appropriate for a serious basketball player. He asks for focus, commitment, hard work, passion, and adversary. Along with love for the game, the people, the opportunities good or bad, and with all blessing in our life. He constantly speaks about how life will be hard at times but God has a plan and he will be there along the way. I love everything Joel stands for, along with all that he preaches to everyone that allows him. I fully and whole heartedly believe Joel has found exactly what God intended for him. He will forever be my big brother. I Love you Joel

Chelsea Groves | Basketball Scholarship to Occidental College, California

Why i still play

I met Joel in the middle of my eighth-grade year. I wasn’t at all confident in my abilities and I was hoping to get good enough to make varsity as a freshman. When I began training with him my confidence grew so much and I started seeing actual improvement, but a few months after I started training with him I was forced to stop due to injury. On April 26th 2022 I was rushed into emergency eye surgery. My cornea and lens were pierced by a pencil leaving a 3 millimeter opening in my eye. Joel was one of the first people to check on me and make sure I was doing ok. When I finally was able to train again he told me he understood if I didn’t want to play anymore. I almost started crying when he told me this because it was the first time I felt like someone actually noticed how hard mentally it was to play, but through time and the continuance of work I finally started to play again. Joel is more than just a trainer; he’s someone who understands and tries to connect with each of his players, from buying me vitamins and a bible to help with my physical and mental pain to laughing with me about the latest soccer game. His ability to empathize with each of his players is truly a gift and what makes him able to produce such incredible athletes and people. I’m so thankful I met him and although I’m not on varsity because of my setbacks, I’m not scared anymore. Joel is the whole reason why I still play this game and why I’m able to finally enjoy it.

Lily Sullivan | Junior Evergreen High School